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With the development of the technology and the globalization initiatives of countries in every part of the world, your business is no longer restricted to a specific geographic region. As the accessibility to the global market place made simpler by the day, businesses inevitably face competition from the global players who continuously expand their market share.

Internet being the faster and cheaper means to access the worldwide market, ensuring effective presence of your business profile, products and services in the world wide web, will definitely bring you a host of new opportunities.

The most effective means of building your global image is by ensuring your business presence through a well designed up to date web site.

Factors that would ensure the effectiveness of a site are :

-Simple, easy to navigate well structured design

-Popularizing the site among the surfers with right links to the search engines and other awareness campaigns.

-Marketing the site through built in features, internet and other media

-Updating the site with current information.

-Ensuring 24×7 availability

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