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Responsive Web Design

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What is Responsive Web Design ?

Responsive web design is the approach that suggest that design and development should respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on the screen size, platform and orientation.

On The base of the following features we can analyse and create a good responsive web design suitable for every system.


Design the website with a better practice which can be accessed from each n every type of devices. Not only the layout but also the content, images and videos can be viewed easily in the website from any type of devices and gadgets.

Device Detection

Your website must be designed and coded in such a way that it can read and send the data to the mobile as per their specification and types.

Single Website

Your website should be designed for every devices and gadgets , without changing the basic CSS, HTML and content of the main website deigned and developed corporately for your company or business.


Your website must look alike in any form of the device and gadgets . The same CSS must be used changing the attributes for the multiple screen sets.


The latest version of HTML, used in basic layout coding of the web system and application in responsive version.

Content Optimization

Since you must update your website each and every minute in today’s informative world , you cannot spend lot of time in adding content for every device version, the web must present the same content added in multiple layouts.


Making the system search engine friendly , able to use the same URL links is much dependable in Desktop PC, Laptops, Hand held gadgets, I pads, Intelligent Devices, Tablets, Smart phones, Cell Phone and and their relative web browsers used.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design?

Saves Money

Saves Time

Improved SEO

Better Performance

Wider Browser Support

Key Features of Responsive Web Design

Flexible Grid

Flexible Images

CSS Media Queries & Screen Resolutions

Why is there a need for responsive designs?

The ability to communicate creatively via the web has forever changed the print industry. Creative minds are no longer bounded by specific dimensions of paper. With the expanding number of web browser dimensions, static design layouts are not enough anymore to accommodate the growing users of modern electronics. From the familiar computer desktops and popular tablets to mobile devices and tv/game console browsers, there is an increasing need for a layout that is fluid and responsive for this changing web landscape.

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