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Mobile application revolution is begun globally. It is predicted that by 2016 over 46 billion app downloads will take place. The on-going explosion in mobile applications is a phenomenon that few may have predicted several years ago. Now mobile applications have become greatly used in the fields of sales & marketing, finance, gaming, productivity, lifestyle and social networking as one of the primary ways that people communicate, shop, organize their lives, play, and work. Its empowerment avails its users. Consequently, organizations need to keep up with this pace and invest in mobile presence as users look for seamless access, with which Negates can help you.

The application market has been mostly motivated by the development of the greater application ecosystem that has grown over the years but it was Apple's App Store that catapulted the applications market resulting in the hype for the development of the other app stores. Thus, decisions on purchasing mobile phones also included the app store. Over the years, users began to show willingness to pay for apps and games which lead to the dramatically improved quality.

The advent of the app store has created many millionaire entrepreneurs within months by turning their idea into an app. Organizations are also increasingly capitalizing on the power of Smartphone’s through mobile apps to increase their brand loyalty (through improved customer engagements), employee productivity and organizational reporting effectiveness.

FULLYBASE SOFTWARE is a results-driven mobile development agency based in India where its mobile developers love to deliver top-notch applications. While FULLYBASE SOFTWARE is led by highly skilled entrepreneurs, engineers and designers with plenty of experience, we are insanely passionate about developing practical, yet captivating mobile experiences not only for clients but also for end users in India.

We can proudly develop mobile website, smart phone application (iPhone/iPad, Android, etc.,) to fulfil customer's demand. Propose the accurate advice to customers with our skillful experience of system development and develop the optimal system.


Developing iPhone and iPad Apps is one of our strongest expertises. Since earliest days in FULLYBASE SOFTWARE, many businesses have decided to work with our mobile development team to transform simple ideas into practical and engaging mobile applications.


Among many approaches to go mobile, Android grows with fastest rate. Thanks to its openness and flexibility, the number of mobile users on Android is increasing day by day. What we can promise you is that Android mobile applications that we develop for you will be a striking one in the sea of mobile apps while it works seamlessly in any of Android devices.

We focus on bringing beautiful mobile & web solutions to startups and enterprises. Our expertise lies in interactive user experience design and mobile application development. In addition to mobile applications contrived to cater local demands in India and worldwide.

We also specialize in formulating and implementing marketing strategies, which can help our clients' businesses to achieve first-rate results. Our commitment to excellence and great craftsmanship has allowed us to help our clients to grow their businesses.

Our experienced team of iOS & Android developers will work with you to shape your idea from concept to launch. Whether your App is an expression of simple brilliance or complex genius on the cutting edge, we will build it.