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Wearable Devices App Development

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Technology keeps evolving! The Personal Computer’s huge back is gone. Revolutionized by the Laptop and ThinkPad. And currently we are dominated by the world of Smart Phones and Tablets? What’s next? With the shrinking size of the Chipset and Micro-processors, there lies a whole new dimension for ‘computing’. The answer is – Wearable Computing Devices.

Three major enhancements:

-Google Glass

-Smart Watches (Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and various others)

-SmartBand (Sony)

At FullyBase Software, we have already managed the successful projects on application development for Wearable Computing Devices. Below are our services for the leading devices:

Google Glass Application Development:

Google Glass has finally been made available in the market (USA & UK – as we write this). And it is creating its in-roads to explore the market worldwide. The biggest advantage Glass Apps will have is – The Android base. Glass Apps can be the next best opportunity for your business to leverage the new markets. Being the first app of its kind for the premium customer base, it is an assured product to make profits. So if you are searching for a Smart Glass Developer, get introduced to Lets Nurture.

Smart Watches Applications Development:

The market size for Smart Watches apps is huge. Because we already have Android powered Smart Watches in the market and Apple’s iWatch is just a few months away. Smart Watch APIs can very well provide the much desired functionality to manage various facets of user’s Mobile through the Smart Watch.

Below are few of the functionalities an Android Smart Watch:

-Voice Call Management

-Music Player Controls

-Camera Controls

-Display Notifications

-Internet based features and many more

With the availability of Android and iOS Smart Watches in next few months, this market is likely to grow at rapid pace. Have you found a technology partner who has the exposure managing a project for Smart Watch App Development?